On this page you can find an overview of my past and upcoming publications.


Breemerkamp, Birgitte. “Runes, Riddles, and Rhymes: The Five Rune Poems as Pedagogical Tools” in Title t.b.a. edited by Julian Calgagno, Cassandra Schilling, and Bruce Gilchrist (Open Monograph Press). In preparation.


Breemerkamp, Birgitte. “It Mourns For Beleg Even As You Do: ‘Living’ Swords in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Legendarium” in Cities and Strongholds in Middle-earth: Essays on the Habitations of Tolkien’s Legendarium edited by Cami Agan (Mythopoeic Press, expected in August 2023).

Ebben, Maurits and Birgitte Breemerkamp. “Een onmogelijke missie: Pieter Thysius in Londen, 1651-1652” [“An Impossible Mission: Pieter Thysius in London, 1651-1652”]. Tot publijcque dienst der studie. Boeken uit de Bibliotheca Thysiana edited by Paul Hoftijzer and Wim van Anrooij (Uitgeverij Verloren, 2023).